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29th element

Our ingredients, ethos and artisan distillation methods are rich in British distilling tradition.


“Angela” - the copper pot still which gives Element 29 its unique smoothness and distinctive character - is over one hundred years old.  She is a piece of living history – hand hammered by John Dore & Co in their London workshops in 1903.  John Dore & Co are the Rolls Royce of distillery engineers.  The oldest distillery business in the world, established in London in 1835 by the Irish distilling genius Aeneas Coffey.

Copper is essential to quality distilling.

Its supreme heat conductivity allows gentle, precise distillation. Copper’s unique chemical properties remove ugly tasting sulphur compounds from the distillate that would otherwise taint the flavour of the vodka. Lesser spirits mask these flavour taints with artificial additives or attempt to filter them out with anything from activated charcoal to diamonds.


Element 29 vodka is so pure that neither flavouring, nor filtration is necessary - allowing a full expression of intrinsic natural flavour. Copper is what sets our vodka apart, and why we call it Element 29.



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Element 29 is also packed in 2.8l Eco-Pouches. 

These pouches can be used to either refill empty glass bottles or for pouring directly from the tap.

 This innovation reduces packaging by 95%, cutting transported weight by 45% and transported volume by 63%. The carbon cost of producing and recycling glass are completely avoided.

This green innovation also makes Element 29 great value as an on trade or retail product. 


This makes Element 29 the highest specification house pour vodka on the market.

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